Using the CEQL Query Override Field

Sugar Integrate provides a query override field for any adapters whose native search specifications are different from the standard fields implemented on the resource in Sugar Integrate. For example, if you are using the Hubspot Marketing adapter and want to search for a customer's email, you would query on, as opposed to simply "email," a more commonly used field. This means that when mapping Hubspot Marketing fields in a transformation, you must override the EMAIL field with PERSON.EMAIL in order to successfully use the search; otherwise, you will receive an invalid expression type error.

If the Query Field Name is left blank, the mapped field value will be used. 

To use the query override field with a Common Resource, complete these steps:

  1. Log in to Sugar Integrate and click Common Resources.
  2. On the My Resources tab, hover over the Common Resource and click Mappings.
  3. On the Mappings tab, find the field whose name you want to override and click the Field Settings button.
  4. On the Field Settings drawer, enter the overriding value to query at the endpoint in the Query Field Name field, and then click Save.
  5. To test the query override, click the Try It Out button.

Known Adapters

All adapters support the CEQL query override field. However, some adapters may need to use it more frequently than others based on the naming of their fields. See the adapter's documentation for additional information.