GET /hubs/{hubName}/objects/{objectName}/metadata

GET /hubs/{hubName}/objects/{objectName}/metadata

Retrieve detailed information about an adapter object. The metadata includes the fields, including custom fields, related to an object.

Path Parameters

hubNameThe name of hub that the adapter is in.
objectNameThe name of the adapter object.

Header Parameters

Required: Authorization including User Secret, Organization Secret, and Adapter Instance Token


Response Fields

The response varies depending on the object, but typically include a fields array.

Example Request

curl -X GET \ \ 
  -H 'authorization: User sAfK7LJGNz5ZHcNrvdJvLI=f03WbTbH6aRKc0HJ3oOIi, Organization 58168435e3b9959a929eb04b6218b9a2, Element yCCtl7Pqx0E4Qf6MBFXxT+/QcbogS1q1Deyw+1vSW=A3' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \

Example Response

      "displayName":"Action Type",
      "vendorDisplayName":"Action Type",
      "method":[  ]
    {  },
    {  },
    {  },
    {  },
    {  },
    {  }